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community education campaign     


The Pilot carried out an intensive community education campaign during the establishment phase. National best practice suggests that the support of family, friends, colleagues and neighbours would be critical to a successful outcome for all parties when women and children stay safely at home. This message was delivered in stages, which included:


  • Regular updates on the local radio and in the local press, plus coverage on national and NSW radio and in the Sydney Morning Herald.

  • Three information cards delivered by post to 10,000 local households, the second concentrating on the impact on children

  • The screening of a ‘big screen’ advertisement at the local cinema

  • An advertisement campaign on local radio

  • Prominent community leaders appeared in a series of television advertisements supporting the right of women and children to live safely in their homes

The community education campaign was financially supported by the Bega Valley Shire Council, by local clubs through the Community Development Support Expenditure Program and by generous free playtime on local radio, television and cinema.


The SHLV Forum in Bega in February 2005 was an opportunity for the community to be informed and participate in debate. Over one hundred people attended, including interstate experts, Assistant Commissioner Reg Mahoney, the NSW Spokesperson on domestic violence, the Mayor and Shire Councillors, a large contingent from the Indigenous community, and representatives of five women’s refuges. The local Magistrate spoke at a Forum dinner in support of the Pilot.


As a result, there was a high recognition and acceptance of the Pilot. This is reflected in the high level of self-referral to the Pilot, with twelve of the twenty five clients in the first year self-referring.


Here is some of the material that was distributed through the Bega Valley. Please feel free to use for your own purposes. To open a pdf of each brochure click on the photo